Saturday, 13 February 2010

Small Dick Humiliation and Blow-up Dolls

The ULTIMATE small penis humiliation clip! SIX hotties making fun of your tiny penis. Giggling, laughing, making you feel so small and insignificant.
And how do we bratty girls humiliate you? By showing you ways you can make your pathetic tiny dicklet BIGGER! Pills, extenders, strapons, lots of ways for you tiny dick losers to please a woman. How fucking sad is it that you need a fake penis extender to please a woman? Your tiny penis probably wouldn’t even fit in it!
VERY humiliating, fun clip from the Goddesses of, we personalize our humiliation, catering to all tiny dick freaks!

Look at this perfect fucking ass! Stare at it, bow down to it, cause this is the closest you are ever going to get Loser! It is pure fucking perfection! Your new religion.
Watch me make it dance for you bitch as you drool on the floor, knowing I am way too hot for you. Doesn’t my ass look so perfect when I am down on all fours? Don’t you wish you could be on your knees sniffing it? Freak! Now go away from me, you are so gross!

We finally found a girl to fuck your pathetic self, but she’s a blowup doll and she might not even fuck you! Yes even “Buffy” thinks you’re a loser and she’s a slut. She has already fucked dozens of guys since coming out of her box and she won’t go near you.
But we will make you fuck her as we laugh at you! How pathetic is it that you have to fuck a plastic doll?! We will humiliate you for being such a pathetic limp dick blowup doll fucking piece of shit.

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