Friday, 21 January 2011

Goddess Samantha Mack

Face Crusher Returns (Goddess Samantha Mack and Her Huge Ass) The Face Crusher is back with two new young victims for her de-adly games. To assist her in the demise of these boys, she brings in the famous "Gluteus Guillotine" who is renowned for destroying men's faces with her ass. The two of them spend the afternoon doing what they love sitting on men's faces until the men expire. You could be next at Club Stiletto!!

Face Crushing Party (Goddess Samantha, Mistress T, Goddess Jasmine) If there's one thing the Face Crusher loves to do, it's crush faces. Here, with her friends Mistress Jasmine and Mistress T, they destroy two young slaves whose only wish was to serve the Mistresses for the rest of their lives. Too bad their fantasy came to such an abrupt end as the Mistresses face sit and smother the life force right out of these eager slaves. It's a face crushing party you don't want to miss at Club Stiletto!

Boobs, Boobs, Boobs
I made a special video clip for all you horny little perverts who are infatuated with my spectacular Glam Goddess breasts. I want you to watch this video when you're alone because there are so many moments that will cause you to explode, you will need to watch it over and over. Make sure you have your cock in hand before you even play this clip. You will truly want to spend your life nestled in my succulent cleavage and when I push my breasts together, you will be surrounded with nothing else but my warm... soft... flesh. Can you imagine what that will be like? You lucky little perverts.

On Your Knees Towel Boy
On your knees on the cold tile floor. watching me, waiting for me. Staying still, where you belong. Can you stay still... all of you.. I don't want to see you move - not a single inch of your body. If you know what I'm saying..

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