Friday, 10 June 2011

Bella got Step Brother in Chastity

Bella is a nightmare for a step sister. She has her step brother in chastity and constantly parades around in skimpy bikinis to drive him crazy. Plus she has her girl friends over all the time and they tease the cuck brother as well. “My friends think you’re gross!” Bella says. The teasing is terrible. Bella tickles her step brother’s balls and rubs and grinds her bikini bottoms up to his tube. The whole time Bella is saying horrible things about her step brother while she makes him rub oil on her body. This clip has : BRAT GIRL GIGGLE, TEASING, GRINDING, CB 3000, BALL TICKLING, VERBAL HUMILIATION, BRAT and STEP SISTER BEHAIVOR. TEASE FANS HAVE TO GET THIS CLIP!

Princess Bella is reading her women’s magazine article with her round ass hanging off the edge of a chair. Her step brother, stuck in a chastity tube, is licking her ass. The whole time Bella is talking about the article about meeting real men. The step brother has no choice but to put up with her bratty behavior. His step sister holds the key to the chastity tube around his penis and he has to do everything she says or else. ASS WORSHIP, ASS LICKING, BRAT GIRLS, HUMILIATION, EMOTIONAL SADISM.

Bella’s mom asked her to train her step brother in face sitting. Daniella likes to sit on her step sons face for long periods of time. Lately he complains after a very short time. Bella will fix that. She sits full weight on his face wearing a bikini and reads a book on female domination. She leans forward just enough for her step brother to breathe through his nose. At the end she sits on his face and moves forward and slides her bottoms down. The cuck brother knows to stick his tongue out and Bella settles back down onto his face, now with a tongue in her ass. The step brother is safely locked away in chastity so Bella has nothing to worry about. She can enjoy her step brother’s tongue and face while reading her book. Clip contains: SMOTHER, FACE SITTING, BIKINI, ASS LICKING, ASS WORSHIP, BRAT GIRLS, FEMALE DOMINATION OF STEP BROTHER, and HUMILIATION.

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