Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Brat Doll Maya Fox

Worship Me
You just couldnt resist buying another one of my clips, could you? You check my store everyday, its a routine: wake up and go straight to your computer. Wonder whats in store for you today? Wonder what part of my perfect body you will be stroking to?? Tits? Ass? Pussy? Lets go horny boy, cum worship your goddess. (btw, these see thru panties show you more than you deserve!)

Size matters
News flash fuck face, size does matter!! I dont care what mommie has told you in the past, she isnt going to fuck that tiny thing and neither is anyone else!!!
Brat Doll Maya Fox

Panty pervert
Your a virgin who will never get pussy so what do you do? Scrummage through your mommies and sisters dirty laundry so you can press your nose up against the crotch area! Its the closest you will ever get to the real thing. I bet youd pay a million dollars just to be close to mine!

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